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The software we designed for Blue Star Sports assists the event operators in organizing and tracking sporting events. It allows for league play, pool play, team seeding, and complex event scheduling of thousands of teams. Blue Star Sports is backed by top professional sports organizations and brings a winning mentality to youth sports that is supported by our software.

MentorTex can connects thousands of mentees to mentors, developing them into prominent Texas business leaders. Our software allows mentees to track their improvement and progress toward their goals. It also contains a messaging platform, facilitating direct contact between mentors and mentees.

Shop Manager App makes running an auto shop easy with powerful cloud-based computing for desktop and mobile devices. Every aspect of your shop is in one place: managing work orders, tracking labor costs, reporting, inventory management, and more. Quickbooks integration and customer service tools allow the user to monitor every key part of the business.


Our insurance policy management system for Plains Horizon allows the users to maintain an array of varying insurance policies. The system is designed to handle multiple insurance carriers and their unique policy requirements. Policies can be changed at the click of a button on any device. Invoice features keep finances organized, and a fully interactive calendar to track deadlines and renewals.


Halcyon Elite is the first statistical companion app to the popular mobile game, Vainglory. Players can immediately start tracking their game play, allowing them to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. The app connects players and allows them to compete in online and LAN events with chances at cash prizes. The app is currently bringing in over 100 downloads a day.

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